Welcome to The Albany


Believe: Engage: Achieve.

‘Thumbs up to a new beginning!’


The Albany is a ‘good school’. This recognition from Ofsted is the result of the hard work and dedication from Albany staff, working collaboratively with parents, carers, our young people and the agencies supporting many of our families. Our aim is to provide an outstanding learning experience for our young people through continuing to grow our skills, knowledge and understanding, expanding our curriculum to provide greater range of opportunities, and broadening our connections with the local community, thus enriching the learning experiences for all.


As a PRU our purpose is to help our young people recognise their skills, find new ways of expressing themselves where perhaps they may have used non-attendance of poor behaviour, gain self-belief and re-engage in learning. Our ambition is to enable all our young people to have secure pathways into post-16 provisions and to sustain these placements, moving successfully into the workplace equipped with all the necessary skills to become successful adults.


To achieve this goal the whole team; young person, parents and carers, Albany staff and the wider team supporting the young person; must believe in the possibility of change and in themselves to affect this change. Believing isn’t sufficient. To be successful we must all engage in the opportunities on offer, opening ourselves up to new ways of thinking, feeling and doing. If we believe we can and engage in the process then we will achieve. This is The Albany philosophy. There will be mistakes and challenges along the way, but there will also be successes. We will capture those successes and celebrate them with our young people, whilst providing the challenges and helping them understand that sometimes to go forward it often feels like we have to take several steps back. This is not failure. We can learn from our mistakes, be accountable for our actions and set out again on the track to success. Every day is a new day, every lesson a new opportunity to succeed. ‘Thumbs up to a new beginning’.



Jane Reason